Munich Security Conference
Peace is nowhere on the horizon as Ukraine war completes two years

Two years into the war, Ukraine has suffered a significant setback with the fall of Avdiivka. However, neither this defeat nor the failure of its counter-offensive has led to calls for peace, either from its rulers or western allies

Anti-war groups protest 60th annual Munich Security Conference

Activists said the conference was a gathering of NATO warlords. Palestine solidarity activists displayed a large banner containing the names of thousands of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army in Gaza

24-02 Anti-NATO round up The people of Europe vs. NATO

Progressive across Europe have called NATO a ‘destabilizer’ and a major culprit in escalating the Russia-Ukraine conflict into a full fledged war

El Sur Global rechaza la presión para ponerse del lado de Occidente frente a Rusia

Europa y Estados Unidos ignoran los llamados de África, América Latina y Asia para encontrar una solución que ponga fin a la guerra en Ucrania y, como dijo el primer ministro de Namibia, redirigir los fondos gastados en armamento hacia la resolución de problemas globales.

The Global South refuses pressure to side with the West on Russia

Europe and the US ignore Africa, Latin America, and Asia’s calls to find a solution that ends the war in Ukraine—and, as Namibia’s prime minister put it, redirect funds spent on weapons toward solving global issues.

Anti-war groups stage protest against Munich Security Conference

The conference has been widely criticized for not supporting a negotiated settlement to end the war in Ukraine and instead encourages further military escalation