National Education Union (NEU)
RAAC crisis - UK Decades of austerity leave school and hospital buildings crumbling in the UK

The Department for Education ordered over a hundred schools to be fully or partially closed due to the imminent danger of collapse of roofs, ceilings and other parts of the buildings where reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) has been used 

Child health UK Child nutrition in shambles: how the cost of living crisis is hurting child health in the UK

A new series of reports show the devastating effects the cost of living crisis is having on child nutrition in Britain

Teachers in the UK continue protests demanding pay rises and more resources

Teachers are also outraged by the contemptuous remarks made by former Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock whose WhatsApp chats from 2020 were leaked recently

Half a million strike in the UK over wages

Rallies were held in cities like London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Nottingham, Newcastle, among several others.

Right to Strike - UK Massive workers’ rallies across UK defend the right to strike 

The Tory government in the UK has been waging a war against the working class through its austerity-ridden policies and anti-worker legislation

Daily Round-up | Teachers, staff in England and Wales vote to go on strike & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of a vote to strike by teachers in the UK, developments from Peru, warnings by scientists on El Nino and heatwaves, and Syria’s condemnation of sanctions

NHS UK Education unions in the UK slams Tory government’s plan of reopening schools

With all schools set to open on March 8, unions have accused the UK government of being unprepared to ensure the safety of the students. The National Education Union said the necessary safeguards had not been put in place

Thousands protest in UK demanding more funds for special education programs

According to reports, the austerity-driven Tory government has made massive fund cuts in the provisions for disabled children in education and medical care.