National Liberation Army (ELN)
Camilo Torres Restrepo: Priest, revolutionary, and guerrilla fighter

February 15 marks the anniversary of the assassination of Colombian revolutionary Camilo Torres by men led by General Alvaro Valencia Tovar

ELN Commander Pablo Beltrán discusses the road to peace in Colombia

The guerrilla commander spoke about how paramilitarism and US imperialism serve as major obstacles to true peace in Colombia

Colombian government and ELN agree to extend bilateral ceasefire

The sixth cycle of talks was held in Havana, Cuba and further advanced the commitment of the two parts towards lasting peace

Colombia EMC ceasefire Colombian government and FARC dissident group announce bilateral ceasefire

The Gustavo Petro government and the Estado Mayor Central, a dissident group of the demobilized FARC-EP guerrilla group, have reached an agreement for a 10-month bilateral ceasefire

Columbia ELN peace talks Colombian government and ELN conclude fourth round of peace talks, agree to create humanitarian zones

The government and the ELN reached an agreement on the creation of three humanitarian zones to alleviate the situation of communities affected by the internal armed conflict

The struggle for peace and true democracy in Colombia

Antonio García of the National Liberation Army in conversation with Cuban magazine La Tizza on the peace process and major obstacles

Colombia achieves milestone in peace process as right-wing intensifies destabilization campaign

The historic ceasefire between the government and the ELN coincided with a fresh destabilization campaign against the Gustavo Petro government

Paramilitary violence takes more lives in Colombia

During the past week, one Indigenous leader, one social leader, one former member of the FARC were assassinated, and three people were killed in a new massacre

Colombia ELN ceasefire Colombian government and ELN halt offensive operations ahead of ceasefire

The cessation of offensive operations was agreed upon in June during the third round of peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the ELN in Havana, Cuba. It comes ahead of a 180-day truce that will take effect on August 3

Colombian government and ELN reach historic agreement on bilateral ceasefire

Agreement on the long-awaited truce was reached during the third round of peace talks between the Gustavo Petro government and the ELN guerrilla group in Havana, Cuba

Third round of peace talks with ELN could end with bilateral ceasefire

The closing ceremony of the third round of peace talks between the Colombian government and the ELN will be held on June 9. There is a strong possibility that the parties will sign an agreement on the long-awaited bilateral ceasefire

Rising tensions in Colombian government peace talks with the ELN

The proposal was made during a meeting with Afro-descendant, Indigenous and peasant communities affected by illicit crops and guerrilla and paramilitary groups. Talks between the Colombian government and the ELN are currently going on in Cuba