Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
Palestinian prisoners in Israel Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqah dies in Israeli occupation prison

The Palestinian revolutionary spent 38 years in occupation prisons and was suffering from terminal bone marrow cancer and lung disease

Palestinian factions gather in Moscow to devise a united response to Israeli war

Israel and US have used the differences between Hamas and Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as a pretext to postpone talks for the liberation of Palestine and prolonge the occupation

“The terrorist is the Zionist occupation,” says Palestinian resistance leader

Read Brian Becker’s exclusive interview with Haytham Abdo, a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

US attacks multiple sites in Iraq as it faces backlash for backing Israeli genocide in Gaza

The Iraqi government condemned the attacks calling it an hostile act and an attack on the country’s sovereignty. At least one Iraqi soldier was killed in the attacks and 18 others were wounded

Palestinian prisoners in Israel Israel escalates violence against Palestinian prisoners, rights groups warn of “campaign of assassination and torture”

Occupation forces are conducting mass arrest campaigns in the West Bank and Jerusalem and escalating horrific abuse of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

Leila Khaled: “Where there is repression, there is resistance”

Lifelong Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled on the Palestinian liberation struggle, her history in the movement and the inevitability of resistance.

The Palestinian cause is a banner for all of humanity

To celebrate the recent release of a new English translation of Ghassan Kanafani’s essential work, The 1936–1939 Revolution in Palestine, leftist publisher 1804 Books shares an excerpt from the introduction.

People’s movements set to converge in Johannesburg for dialogues on socialism in Dilemmas of Humanity Conference

The III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference, organized by the International Peoples’ Assembly, is scheduled to be held in October this year, to “confront the crises of humanity” and highlight the solutions that movements, governments, and working people are building together to overcome the system

Walid Daqqah PFLP condemns continued Israeli imprisonment of Palestinian leader Walid Daqqah

Walid Daqqah, who faces multiple health complications, has been in prison since 1986. He was scheduled to be released in February this year but Israeli authorities extended his jail term by two years after charging him with attempting to smuggle mobile phones into prison

Palestinian activist Salah Hammouri deported Israel forcibly deports Palestinian human rights activist Salah Hammouri to France 

Israel revoked Salah Hammouri’s residency status in October 2021 and kept him in prison under administrative detention from March 2022 before deporting him on December 18

Israel set to deport Palestinian-French human rights defender Salah Hammouri

Having spent nearly a decade in occupation prisons, Hammouri was most recently placed under administrative detention in March. In 2020, Israel revoked his residency status, an often-used tool of ethnic cleansing deployed against Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

Israeli killing of Palestinians Protests erupt in occupied territories and Negev desert following Israeli killing of Palestinians

Earlier this week, the Israeli security forces killed at least three Palestinians, including one teenager, in separate incidents in the occupied West Bank and in the Negev desert