Primary Health Care
Iraqi health system struggles to recover after three decades of setbacks

20 years after the US-led invasion, Iraq’s health system struggles in the face of workforce shortages, corruption, and a growing private sector. This situation is aggravated by long gaps in constructing new health infrastructure

WHO 75_warm 75 years after its foundation, WHO struggles for sovereignty 

This year marked the 75th anniversary of the WHO. But as the UN agency approaches its yearly assembly in Geneva, it is still struggling to secure adequate resources for functioning independently of the private sector and pressures from high income countries

Berlin, Poliklinik A brutal system replaced socialist health care in Europe

Matthew Read, researcher at the IF DDR, talks to the People’s Health Dispatch about similarities between East Germany’s and Yugoslavia’s socialist health systems and the lessons to be learned from these systems

World Health Day 2023: continuing the struggle for health

As the world marks the 75th anniversary of the WHO, people continue to fight against inequities and the consequences of privatization of health care

Colombia’s health system could finally see changes that put people over profit

The health reform proposal of the Petro government has sparked a heated debate, as the health insurance corporations and conservatives try to block it

Sri Lanka health care Strengthening public health services imperative as crisis continues in Sri Lanka

As the social and economic crisis in Sri Lanka continues, health activists call for prioritization of the public health system on the occasion of World Health Day

Healthcare in Lebanon Amel The changing face of healthcare in Lebanon: navigating an economic crisis

Lebanon’s health system is being reshaped by the ongoing economic and social crisis in the country. After years of prioritization of hospitals and tertiary care, it seems a re-evaluation of the importance of primary health care is in order

David Sanders on being a health activist

David Sanders talks about his life as a health activist, the role of Primary Health Care for the Health for All agenda, and how neoliberalism obstructs possible advances in global health

The COP26 health agenda must revitalize Primary Health Care

As COP26 continues, we bring an overview of the intersection of health and climate change at the summit. Health systems can contribute to decreasing carbon emissions by promoting the Primary Health Care approach