Prison riots in Ecuador
The Ecuador of Guillermo Lasso

During Lasso’s two years in office, Ecuador has registered the highest annual inflation of the decade, the highest rate of homicide in seven years, mass migration, and unprecedented drug-related activities

New wave of violence in Ecuador’s prisons leaves 19 inmates dead in four days

According to official data, 442 prisoners have been killed in different massacres in prisons since January 2021

Ecuadorian President threatens media outlet that revealed alleged corruption within his administration

A local outlet published details of a report from the Anti-Narcotics Police of Ecuador, revealing alleged links between the Lasso government and mafia, drug trafficking and corruption

Ecuadorian social movements, left parties reject President Lasso’s “national agreement”

Following Lasso’s call for a “national agreement,” social organizations and progressive political parties rejected dialogue, criticizing Lasso’s neoliberal policies

Progressive comeback in Ecuador’s local elections

Ecuadorians rejected all eight measures in the recent referendum, which was promoted by conservatives, while the leftist Citizen Revolution Movement made significant gains

Prison riots in Ecuador Ecuador registers three prison massacres in three days

According to official data, 392 prisoners have been killed in nine prison massacres in Ecuador since January 2021

Ecuador prison deaths Latest prison riot in Ecuador leaves 13 prisoners dead and two injured

Ecuador’s prison system has been going through a severe crisis since 2021. According to official data, since February 2021, over 400 prisoners have been killed in seven prison massacres

No end in sight for Ecuador’s prison crisis

A riot took place in Ecuador’s Bellavista prison following the latest massacre of 44 inmates on Monday May 9. Human rights organizations have called on the government to address structural problems facing the penitentiary system

Ecuadorian president restructures cabinet amid growing political crisis

In recent weeks, the tensions have escalated between the right-wing national government and the progressive opposition parties that dominate the Parliament

Activists slam state “necropolitics” as Ecuador prison riot kills 68 and other stories

Today we look at the wave of prison massacres in Ecuador, a report on the cover-up of a major 2019 U.S. airstrike on Syria, and more

State of exception declared following massacre inside prison

Ecuadorian authorities stated that 116 were killed in the massacre in the Litoral penitentiary, making it the worst in the country’s history

Ecuador declares state of emergency in prisons after over a hundred killed in riots

At least 116 inmates were killed in the latest prison riot in Ecuador on September 28 and around 80 were gravely injured. The violent confrontation was the bloodiest massacre in the prison system of the country