Rafael Correa
Ecuador elects new right-wing president linked to big banana business

In the second round of the anticipated elections in Ecuador, Daniel Noboa defeated progressive candidate Luisa González

Luisa González Ecuador Ecuador’s leftist presidential candidate Luisa González denounces attempt on her life, files complaint

González is the winner of the first round of presidential elections in Ecuador. She said that with the complaint, she not only intends to safeguard her life and shed light on the plan aimed at physically eliminating her, but also draw attention to the impunity in the country

Security and economy are the key issues in Ecuador’s early general elections

All seven presidential candidates advocated strengthening of the security in the country and promised improvements as they stood next to fellow hopeful Fernando Villavicencio’s empty podium, who was assassinated last week

rafael-correa-24-2 Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was spied on by Spanish company for CIA

According to El País, private security company UC Global SL spied on Rafael Correa after he left office and passed information about his private meetings to the CIA as well as to his successor Lenín Moreno

What is at stake in the early general elections in Ecuador?

Ahead of the early general elections in Ecuador, Professor Pablo Meriguet spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the reality on the ground and the significance of the upcoming electoral process for the country

Citizens’ Revolution campaign office attacked with explosives in Huaquillas, Ecuador

The attack, which occurred just two months before the early general elections, has been condemned by various leaders of the Citizens’ Revolution Movement party, whose presidential ticket with Luisa González and Andrés Arauz is leading voter intention polls

Who are the presidential candidates for Ecuador’s early elections?

As Ecuador prepares for early general elections, we look at the presidential candidates who will replace Guillermo Lasso

Ecuador update Ecuadorian opposition rejects dissolution of parliament

The majority of Ecuador’s political parties have rejected the dissolution of the National Assembly, arguing that the grounds established in the constitution to dissolve it, do not exist at the moment

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso dissolves parliament through “cross death” mechanism

Lasso’s decision comes a day after the National Assembly began an impeachment hearing against him, which could have removed him from office

Bribery charges to be filed against former Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno

In addition to Moreno, his wife, one of their daughters, as well as two brothers and two sisters-in-law are among those investigated in the Sinohydro case, formerly known as the INA Papers case

Ecuadorian social movements, left parties reject President Lasso’s “national agreement”

Following Lasso’s call for a “national agreement,” social organizations and progressive political parties rejected dialogue, criticizing Lasso’s neoliberal policies

Progressive comeback in Ecuador’s local elections

Ecuadorians rejected all eight measures in the recent referendum, which was promoted by conservatives, while the leftist Citizen Revolution Movement made significant gains