Rafah border
Gaza truce takes effect after 48 days of Israel’s genocidal assault

On the first day of the truce, 39 Palestinian prisoners, mainly women and children, were freed by Israel in return for 24 captives held by the Palestinian resistance groups. Around 200 trucks entered Gaza with humanitarian aid, fuel, and gas

“Are we not brothers in blood, suffering, and historical conflict?”: Egyptians defy repression to stand with Palestine

The people of Egypt have defied repression, persecution to stand with the Palestinian people. Following mass protests in solidarity with Palestine on October 20, over 40 people were arrested by authorities

Palestinian resistance continues against Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza

After the massacre at Jabalya refugee camp on Tuesday, Houthis in Yemen issued declarations of war against Israel

Over 500 Palestinians massacred in Israeli hospital bombing

An additional 600 were injured following the Israeli bombing of a Christian hospital in central Gaza

Egypt opens Rafah border Egypt reopens its Rafah border with besieged Gaza

The Palestinian embassy in Cairo welcomed the decision, calling it a “result of intensive bilateral discussions and contacts between the Egyptian and Palestinian leaderships”

Egypt Gaza border wall Following in Israel’s footsteps, Egypt too builds a wall on its border with Gaza

The under construction border wall will complete the encirclement of the Gaza strip. Israeli already has built a concrete wall on its 37-mile-long border with Gaza