Israeli air strikes kills dozens in Syria

Syria claims Israeli air strike coincided with another attack by the terrorist groups who control a part of the country in the north

UNSC calls for a ceasefire in Gaza

The UN Security Council voted to call for a ceasefire, with the United States for the first time abstaining

Rusia y China vetan la resolución de EE.UU. sobre Gaza por no exigir explícitamente un alto el fuego

Mientras Israel se prepara para una invasión terrestre de Rafah, la resolución que Estados Unidos redactó y presentó al Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU se limitaba a señalar la “necesidad imperiosa” de alto el fuego inmediato en Gaza. Argelia, Rusia y China rechazaron la resolución, afirmando que no había cumplido la exigencia fundamental de un alto el fuego.

Russia and China veto US resolution on Gaza over failure to explicitly demand ceasefire

As Israel prepares for a ground invasion of Rafah, the US-authored resolution presented to the UN Security Council merely noted an “imperative” for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Algeria, Russia, and China rejected the resolution, stating that it had failed to deliver on the core demand for a ceasefire.

Israel escalates war on Gaza, launching brief ground offensive

US continues to block all efforts to achieve a humanitarian ceasefire in the Security Council despite reports of lack of basic amenities inside occupied Palestine

Biden seeks USD 105 billion in funding for Israel and Ukraine

US President requests USD 61.4 billion for Ukraine and USD 14.3 billion for Israel days after touching down in the state

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict More than 60,000 ethnic Armenians leave as Nagorno Karabakh ‘republic’ officially dissolves itself

While the exodus of ethnic Armenians and the dissolution of the self-declared republic may lead to the final settlement of the decades-old conflict in the South Caucasus region, it may also be the beginning of a long geopolitical battle between Russia and the West

Nagorno Karabakh Ceasefire announced hours after Azerbaijan launches military operation in Nagorno Karabakh

Several civilians were killed and dozens wounded in the latest round of violence inside the disputed Azerbaijani territory which has seen conflict since 1991 and is run by separatist Armenian authorities

G20 environment ministers G20: last waltz in a world torn apart

The strong likelihood is that the forthcoming G-20 event in Delhi this weekend may turn out to be the last waltz of its kind between the cowboys of the Western world and the increasingly restless Global South

Syria at UNSC Humanitarian situation will improve if all illegal sanctions and occupation are withdrawn, claims Syria

Syria has allowed the continuation of the cross-border aid program in the rebel-held areas in its north-east even though the UN Security Council had failed to adopt a resolution on its extension earlier this month

El hambre en el mundo y la guerra en Ucrania

No está claro si Occidente dará a Rusia algún alivio en su capacidad de exportar sus propios productos agrícolas.

Cluster munitions Ukraine US cluster munitions supply to Ukraine will harm civilians the most

Millions of people have been affected by the use of cluster munitions by the US in countries like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, even years after the wars have ended. The same plight awaits civilians in the current war zone in Ukraine