State repression
After over 100 days of protests, repression intensifies against Palestine solidarity movement in NYC

Demonstrators in New York City are experiencing a new wave of repression from the NYPD though protests show no signs of stopping

78 Palestine solidarity activists face charges for civil disobedience in San Francisco

Protesters face multiple charges for shutting down the Bay Bridge on November 16 to protest the genocide in Gaza

Dina-Boluarte-resign One year since the coup in Peru

Following the coup against Pedro Castillo, the people of Peru took to the streets en masse to demand his restitution and the resignation of Boluarte

The German state’s crackdown on solidarity with Palestine

Samidoun is an international organization, working for the cause of Palestinian prisoners. On the 2nd of November, Samidoun was banned by the Ministry of Interior in Germany.

Socialist Party of Zambia president Dr. Fred M’membe arrested on espionage charges

The SP leader has faced repeated arrests in the preceding months as the party remains a leading voice against the neoliberal policies of the Zambian government

Germany bans public grieving and solidarity with Palestine

Germany’s criminalization of solidarity with Palestine has taken on entirely new dimensions since October 7

Why we say there were 30,000: a manual to avoid denialism in Argentina

After Milei’s statements in the presidential debate, it is necessary to remember why we talk about 30,000 disappeared during the Argentine dictatorship

61 “Stop Cop City” activists hit with racketeering charges

Atlanta organizers allege that this is the latest installment in the ongoing state repression against the movement to stop “Cop City” from being built

Widespread rejection of far-right event in Buenos Aires denying crimes of dictatorship

Organizations have rejected what they deem as a provocation and assert “we will not go back”

Socialist Party of Zambia leader Fred M’membe arrested again in rising campaign of repression

SP President Fred M’membe was arrested on August 22 on an additional charge in a case of political violence in the Serenje district in April. Despite having been attacked by members of the ruling UPND, M’membe and other SP leaders were arrested by the police

Books are not a crime! Solidarity with Toko Buku Rakyat in Malaysia

The International Union of Left Publishers expresses solidarity with the Toko Buku Rakyat bookstore that suffered a raid by officers looking for “The Communist Manifesto”

Socialist Party of Zambia condemns arrest of Dr. Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M’membe was arrested on charges of libel on August 8, after he was summoned for questioning by the Zambian police. An outspoken critic of imperialist and neoliberal policies, M’membe had long warned of his arrest amid attacks on the Socialist Party