Student movement
Regarding the pain of others as our own

The May 2024 TriconArt bulletin talks about the power of images amid campus protests, and art’s internationalist role

The global “student intifada” at the People’s Conference for Palestine

Attendees at the People’s Conference for Palestine hear from student organizers leading the struggle for liberation across the globe

Students vow to continue struggle as Israel closes in on Rafah

The student movement remains undeterred by police repression and focused on solidarity with Gaza as Israel moves forward with attacks on Rafah

The students will not tolerate hypocrisy

The brightness of the souls of the youth illuminates the wretchedness of our system, at its heart, the ugliness of Israel’s war

“The American people are heard,” Biden says after protesters are brutalized

The outsized police response to peaceful student protesters reveals the deep commitment of the US to its Israel policy

Students stand with Palestine, Palestine stands with students

Fighting people across the world show support with the student movement in the US facing repression

Student movement for Palestine stands defiant in face of police repression

Police continue to crack down on growing movement of Gaza Solidarity Encampments, students stand their ground

Argentine student movement erupts against Milei’s adjustment

Thousands mobilize in Buenos Aires against budget cuts to higher education and to preserve the public university system

The student movement for Palestine intensifies struggle with wave of university encampments

After Columbia students launched their Gaza Solidarity Encampment, students across the US joined the call to stand in solidarity with Palestine

Students launch encampments in solidarity with Gaza across the US

Police launch new wave of repression as student movement for Palestine grows

Hundreds of students occupy Columbia University in solidarity with Gaza

Students stage an occupation the same day as Columbia’s President appears before congress in so-called antisemitism hearing