Students’ Federation of India (SFI)
Just one month since Modi’s reelection, Indian students and youth keep pressure on in the streets

Students and youth activists in India have been protesting the policies of the Narendra Modi government to undermine the education sector through centralization of curriculums and testing

Indian students and youth protest corruption in entrance exams

Repeated cancellations, corruption, and exclusivity have disrupted the future of millions of students who write these centralized examinations every year to get admission into professional and higher study courses and certain careers

How a communist peasant leader defeated a BJP incumbent in North India

Amra Ram is one of the eight left leaders elected from different parts of the country to represent working class in the Indian parliament’s lower chamber, Lok Sabha, usually dominated by the country’s rich

‘Students of India are united against the fascist BJP regime’

The students say that the policies being implemented by the government, particularly the new education policy will lead to the destruction of the country’s public education system.

Pro-Palestine solidarity protest by Indian students suppressed by force

Scores of student activists were detained and prevented from holding a protest outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi

Exigir justicia de género a un gobierno impregnado de patriarcado: la historia de las mejores luchadoras de la India

En un significativo acto de resistencia, las mejores luchadoras de la India han roto el silencio sobre las conductas sexuales inapropiadas contra las deportistas indias y la cultura de impunidad en el deporte indio.

In the face of censorship, Indian students organize screenings of BBC documentary on PM Modi 

A recent BBC documentary on Indian PM Narendra Modi, which has been censored by the government, is being screened by students’ organizations in various parts of the country