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176 years since the Communist Manifesto was published, socialists around the world celebrate “Red Books Day”

Socialists across the globe in countries such as India, Brazil, and the United States celebrate the Manifesto and all “Red Books” that shaped the world

After over 100 days of protests, repression intensifies against Palestine solidarity movement in NYC

Demonstrators in New York City are experiencing a new wave of repression from the NYPD though protests show no signs of stopping

New Yorkers march on Wall St. to demand an end to US funding of Israel

Protesters marched in the heart of big business to demand that the US stop funding Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians

Demands grow for a permanent ceasefire

Palestine solidarity and anti-imperialist organizations raise demands following the announcement of a 4-day pause in aggression in Gaza

No more business as usual: the world shuts it down for Palestine

Demonstrators showed solidarity with Palestinians, undergoing a genocide in the Gaza Strip, by occupying mainstream media centers, shuttering businesses, and more

Solidarity activists to stage mass shutdowns for Palestine

Palestinian and anti-imperialist organizations have called for a second day of action for Palestine as casualties of Israel’s genocide surpass 11,500

Right-wing media claims Palestine solidarity activists in the US are influenced by foreign agents

FOX News and other outlets, following massive pro-Palestine demonstrations across the US, claim demonstrators are driven by foreign funds not “organic rage”

People across the globe disrupt “business as usual” for Palestine

International actions organized in solidarity with Palestine demanded an end to the Israeli genocide in Gaza and an end to all aid to Israel

People’s movements in the US demand end to blockade against Cuba

Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel also joined the rally and chanted along with the people, “Cuba, yes! Blockade, no!”

Socialist “movement incubator” celebrates five year anniversary in the heart of NYC

The People’s Forum commemorates five years of building the socialist movement in the United States and internationally

Manolo De Los Santos: Un horizonte socialista es aquel donde lo imposible se encuentra con lo posible

El codirector ejecutivo del Foro de los Pueblos reflexiona sobre el futuro de la lucha de clases en Estados Unidos y en todo el mundo

Manolo De Los Santos: A socialist horizon is where the impossible meets the possible

The People’s Forum co-executive director reflects on the future of class struggle in the US and across the globe