UN Security Council
On day 138 of Israeli assault, death toll rises in Gaza and attacks continue in West Bank

The death toll in Gaza rose to at least 29,313, with at least 69,333 injured. World Food Programme authorities warned that a famine is likely if things do not change and significantly higher volumes of food are needed

US vetoes Algerian resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

All UNSC members voted in favor of the ceasefire resolution, save the US’s veto and the United Kingdom’s abstention

Israel launches airstrikes against Syria

Blinken has failed to achieve most of the stated goals of his repeated visits to the region since October 7 including getting commitment from Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel

At UNSC meeting, US lambasted for attacks on Iraq and Syria

While terming the US attacks as violations of international law and a reckless provocation, several UN member-states highlighted its support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza as the root of conflict in the region

Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza not acceptable, says UN Chief

Participants in the UN Security Council highlighted need for a ceasefire in Gaza and a long term solution to the Palestinian question as necessary for peace

Israeli war in Gaza revives Arab solidarity with Palestine

Almost 90% of all respondents in a survey believe that Operation Al-Aqsa Flood was legitimate act of resistance against Israeli occupation

UNGA overwhelmingly adopts resolution for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Only ten countries including the US, Israel, and Austria voted against the resolution which called for release of all hostages and ensuring humanitarian access for people in Gaza

UNGA discusses Gaza ceasefire after US veto in Security Council

The emergency meeting of the General Assembly was called after Egypt and Mauritania invoked 377 A (V) also known as Uniting for Peace resolution. However, it is unlikely that a resolution for a ceasefire will pressure Israel into stopping its genocidal war

Israel has been ‘above’ international law ever since its inception

Palestinians have repeatedly paid with their lives, bodies, and land for Israeli impunity which is based on the unconditional backing provided by the US and its European allies

Israel escalates war on Gaza, launching brief ground offensive

US continues to block all efforts to achieve a humanitarian ceasefire in the Security Council despite reports of lack of basic amenities inside occupied Palestine

Israel’s indiscriminate killings in Gaza continue as Biden visits

Biden extended complete support from the US during his visit and also echoed Israeli claims that the attack on Al-Ahli Arab hospital was done by the “other party”

US vetoes UNSC resolution for Gaza, again

The US was the only one to veto a second proposal, against 12 members of the UNSC who voted in favor, claiming that it did not address Israel’s “right of self-defense”