US defense budget
The ever-ballooning US military budget

Eugene Puryear of BreakThrough News explains the recent Pentagon funding provision approved by the US House of Representatives and decodes the military-industrial complex

The black hole that is military spending

Amid a pandemic and dire economic crises across the world, military spending has continued relentlessly. The US has been the biggest spender by a huge margin

SIPRI military expenditure Global military expenditure increases for seventh year in a row: SIPRI report

Four out of the top 10 biggest military spenders are NATO members that collectively spent nearly half of total global expenditure in 2021, or a total of USD 982 billion

US spends billions on war in Ukraine and working class pays the price

In passing a $728.5 billion war budget, US legislators prove that they are willing to fund war, unwilling to fund relief

US defense budget US Congress approves record defense budget of USD 778 billion 

Despite its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration’s first defense budget is USD 38 billion higher than last year’s and more than the combined defense budgets of the next 11 countries