US Department of Homeland Security
Biden backs out on campaign promise, announces expansion of US-Mexico border wall

The US president will waive 26 federal laws to facilitate the construction of 20 additional miles of the border wall, angering environmental, immigration, and Indigenous rights activists.

US deportation freeze stayed US judge blocks Biden’s 100-day deportation freeze

The moratorium on deportations implemented last week by the Biden administration has been temporarily restricted for 14 days by a Trump-appointed federal judge

US court ruling TPS US appeals court approves Trump’s move to end protected status for 300,000 immigrants

The court overturned earlier injunctions by federal judges against the government’s decision to end the Temporary Protected Status for people from four countries

Outrage against Trump administration for violent crackdown on Portland protesters

The violent dispersal of anti-racist protesters on Saturday and the dozens of alleged “unlawful detentions” have motivated widespread outrage

Amazon tech workers protest Tech workers protest Amazon’s ICE contracts, interrupt conference

Amazon Web Services hosts databases for the Department of Homeland Security that allow the ICE to track down migrants. It is currently negotiating an expansion of the existing contract