World Health Organization (WHO)
More health workers, patients, killed in Gaza as US vetoes ceasefire resolution

The US once again vetoed a ceasefire resolution at the UN Security Council, enabling more Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip

WHO moves warehouse in Gaza as Israel’s attacks on healthcare continue

Israeli Occupying Forces sent an evacuation order to a WHO warehouse in southern Gaza, as public health situation in Palestine grows worse

Risks of infectious diseases, malnutrition soar as Israel resumes attacks on Gaza Strip

Health agencies warned against growing danger of diseases outbreak and rising malnutrition in the Gaza Strip ahead of resumed attacks on Gaza

Gaza truce extended for a day, talks on to extend it further

The temporary truce provides opportunity to asses the scale of destruction caused by almost 50 days of Israeli bombings in Gaza that killed over 15,000 people, mostly civilians

Israeli attacks on health workers in Palestine continue

By targeting healthcare in the Gaza Strip, Israeli occupation forces continue their decades-long aggression against the right to health of Palestinians

Israeli forces raid Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital

Israeli occupation forces surrounded and raided Al-Shifa Hospital, currently sheltering thousands of health workers, patients, and displaced people

Unions demand urgent action on health workers shortage and quality of care

Global trade union organization Public Services International concluded a survey which suggests most health workers are contemplating leaving their profession as global health workforce crisis intensifies

Libya floods Public anger mounts over poor official response to floods in Libya

Hundreds of people demonstrated in the flood-hit city of Derna against the failure of the authorities to prevent large-scale death and effectively carry out relief and rehabilitation work. Subsequently, the Osama Hammad-led government dismissed the Municipal Council and put all its members under investigation

Morocco earthquake death toll continues to climb as rescue operations intensify

The 6.8 earthquake which struck the country in the late hours of Friday was the deadliest in the last 60 years, and the region’s most powerful earthquake in the last 120 years

World breastfeeding week Supporting breastfeeding in the workplace and beyond

World Breastfeeding Week 2023 highlights the importance of workplace protections in promoting breastfeeding. It is equally crucial to strengthen public health systems worldwide to improve maternal and child health

Efforts to advance mental health in Brazil must continue

After a prolonged period of dismantling, the principles of psychiatric health reform appear to be resurging at the forefront of policies in Brazil. However, there is a substantial amount of work ahead to undo the setbacks that have occurred, writes Outra Saúde

FAO food security report Global hunger remains far above pre-pandemic levels, claims FAO

Asia and Africa continue to be the hotspots for global hunger while Latin American countries were able to reduce hunger significantly. Developed countries in North America and Europe also witnessed a slight rise in food insecurity in 2022