Report: BJP-linked app hijacked social media, messaging platforms and other stories

Today we look at an investigation into an app used to spread right wing propaganda in India, the prosecution of 19 opposition leaders in Tunisia, and more

January 07, 2022 by Peoples Dispatch

In today’s episode of the Daily Round-up we take a look at an investigation by Indian news website The Wire into a secret phone application called Tek Fog which was used to hijack social media trends and ‘inactive’ Whatsapp accounts; a decision by a Tunisian court to pursue charges against 19 opposition leaders for alleged violations during the 2019 elections; the Dutch government’s decision to stop funding to the Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees- one of the six Palestinian rights organizations banned by Israel; and talks between Iran and South Korea for the release of over 7 billion dollars of assets frozen due to U.S. sanctions as the JCPOA talks continue in Vienna.