West Asia
In major escalation, US bombs Iraq and Syria

The United States is now actively bombing Syria, Iraq, and Yemen in a regional West Asian conflict that the Western nation has only widened

Iran proposes naval alliance in West Asia
Iran proposes joint naval force in Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia and other countries

While the details are not clear and no confirmation has been made by the other countries, the alliance is expected to be an alternative to the existing US-led naval force in the region with strong backing from China

Syria joins Arab League summit (1)
Syrian President Assad attends Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia, a first since 2011

Trying to develop an effective and autonomous regional approach to deal with common issues, an increasing number of Arab countries have defied pressures exerted by the US and the EU against normalization of relations with Syria 

Syrian reintegration
Arab League votes to withdraw Syria’s 12-year long suspension 

Syria was suspended from the Arab League in 2012 after war broke out in the country. Several members of the League supported anti-government forces which included Islamist militias

May Day WANA
Left parties and trade unions in West Asia and North Africa mark May Day

Trade union movements and left parties in West Asia and North Africa vowed to end capitalist exploitation and achieve the dream of a dignified life for all working class people

FAO report Food insecurity
141 million suffering from food shortages in Arab world: FAO report

Out of the 420 million total population in the region, 69 million are currently severely malnourished due to extreme food scarcity, war-related famines and COVID-19, with Yemen and Somalia the worst-affected