13-03 Swiss Neutrality
Leftist parties intensify campaign to maintain Swiss neutrality

The Communist Party and the Swiss Party of Labor (PST-POP) have made neutrality a key plank of their campaign in the upcoming elections. The political leadership of the country is being accused of compromising the policy of neutrality under the influence of NATO and EU 

WEF Protest - Switzerland
Progressives slam World Economic Forum in Davos as “oligarchic” and hypocritical

Climate activists and anti-capitalist groups protested in Davos and Zurich against the four-day annual meet of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 

Construction workers protest in Switzerland for rights and dignity

Construction workers across Switzerland are outraged at the work schedules and have been calling for a new contract which includes better wages, a fixed time schedule, and safer work conditions

Swiss glaciers
Volume of Swiss glaciers declined by half in less than a century

In a new study, the researchers compared data from 1931 and the 2000s, and concluded that the glacial volume has shrunk by half during 1931-2016

Construction workers in Zurich demand better working conditions and a fair contract

Progressive organizations and trade unions have demanded safer working conditions, fixed work schedules, and decent wages for construction workers in Switzerland

Progressives in Zurich protest spike in neo-Nazi manifestations in the city

Recent protests against COVID-19-related restrictions, organized by right-wing groups and anti-vaccine campaigners in Swiss cities, have been swarmed by neo-Nazi sympathizers

Left organizations and trade unions protest plan to raise retirement age of Swiss working women

In June, the Swiss Federal parliament agreed to raise the retirement age of women to 65 from 64. This is in a country where an 8% wage gap exists between men and women with equal qualifications, and the latter receive one-third less the retirement benefits that their male counterparts get

Women's Protest - Switzerland
Swiss women’s rights groups protest misogynist judgment in rape case

The Basel Court of Appeal in Switzerland reduced the sentence given to the rapist by a lower court, suggesting that the victim “shared the responsibility” of the rape. The verdict has outraged feminists and other progressive sections across the country

Swiss feminist groups protest following revelations of sexual harassment at public broadcaster

The newspaper Le Temps revealed incidents of bullying and harassment at Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), over the course of many years. Amid protests by feminist groups, inquiries are being conducted

Swiss health workers organize week-long protest demanding pay rise and recruitment

Protests were organized across Switzerland by health workers with the support of trade unions and progressive political groups. The protesters demanded pay rise, bonus, safer working conditions and more recruitment

Swiss left groups intensify campaign for mandatory minimum wage in Geneva

The Geneva Trade Union Action Community and left parties launched a popular initiative earlier this year calling for a minimum wage of 23 Swiss francs (25.26 USD) an hour

Nestlé may sell its bottled water brands in the US and Canada – what is behind this maneuver?

Franklin Frederick inspects the motives behind Nestlés move to sell bottled water brands in North America and the company’s track record of environmental violations