All Workers Militant Front (PAME)
Workers’ movements across Europe protest supply of arms to Israel

Trade unions, youth movements, and Palestine solidarity groups have organized protests and blockades across Europe, opposing the role of their governments in Israel’s genocidal war on Palestinians

Greek communists condemn government’s complicity in Israeli war on Gaza

The Communist Party of Greece and other anti-imperialist forces are mobilizing against the government’s complicity in imperialist wars. They have also demanded that Greek forces and military assets not be deployed in the war on Gaza

21-09 Greek protests 1 Thousands of Greek workers take to the streets in national strike against government’s anti-labor bill

Unions organized a country-wide strike against a bill introduced by the conservative New Democracy government in Greece. The bill seeks to increase daily and weekly working hours, among other changes

Right-wing New Democracy party falls just short of majority in Greek polls, surge in seats for communists

While pro-government sections and media are celebrating the performance of the ND, analysts have noted its loss of majority in the house and the surge in popularity for working class forces that are in the opposition

In Europe, working-class resilience on full display during May Day

On International Workers’ Day, trade unions and working class parties across Europe reiterated their resolve to defend workers against capitalism, imperialism, and fascism

17-03 Greek Protests 1 “Never forget, never forgive!”: Massive mobilizations across Greece denounce Tempi train disaster

The Greek working class has accused that the underfunding, privatization, and criminal negligence by the government and railway authorities had resulted in the deadly train accident in Tempi on February 28, in which 57 people were killed and 85 injured

Greek Protests Greek working class outraged by the deadly train collision in Tempi

Greek communists and trade unionists slammed the malfunctioning system—degraded by austerity and negligence—that operates the railways in the country. They pointed out that they had warned a number of times about the conditions that led to the crash

Teachers' Protest - Greece Greek teachers step up opposition to neo-liberal reforms targeting schools

The reforms targeting school education in Greece have been widely rejected, and under-funded schools and teachers are continuing to push back

Greeks protest police killing of 16-year-old Roma youth

16-year-old Kostas Fragkoulis died eight days after being shot by a police officer allegedly because he did not pay EU 20 for gasoline. Left and progressive organizations have condemned the killing

Health Workers Protest - Greece Health workers in Greece protest casualization of doctors in public hospitals

The conservative New Democracy (ND)-led government in Greece has proposed a controversial bill calling to abolish full-time exclusive employment of doctors in public hospitals

Daily Round-up | Greek workers stage general strike against cost of living crisis & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at the national strike in Greece, a report on the killing of children by British forces in Afghanistan, votes on slavery in the US midterms, and a report by the Brazilian army on the recent elections

Greek Protests Greek workers protest government’s anti-labor policies and inaction on inflation

The Greek working class has been facing persecution by the employers amid an acute cost of living crisis, marked by soaring energy and food prices