Anti-war protest
12-06 Anti-NATO Protest - Germany Anti-war activists in Germany protest NATO’s ‘Air Defender 23’ military exercise 

Around 10,000 military personnel and 250 aircraft from 25 countries are participating in NATO’s ‘Air Defender 23’ exercise scheduled from June 12-23. Anti-war groups have called it a provocation

24-02 Anti-NATO round up The people of Europe vs. NATO

Progressive across Europe have called NATO a ‘destabilizer’ and a major culprit in escalating the Russia-Ukraine conflict into a full fledged war

Daily Round-up Palestinians launch campaign to resist Israeli persecution & other stories

In today’s episode, we look at Palestinian campaign to resist Israeli persecution, Mexican president nationalizing lithuim, Israeli attacks on Syria and anti-war groups protest against Munich security conference

Anti-war protest - Italy Progressives condemn repression of anti-war march in Niscemi, Italy

Anti-war groups and ecologists have intensified their campaign against the presence of military bases and garrisons of NATO and the US across Italy

Anti-war protest - Greece (1) Greek rail workers protest transport of tanks for NATO’s military ventures

The Greek working class has intensified protests against the country’s involvement in the imperialist maneuvers of the US and NATO alliance in Europe

Anti-war protest - Greece (1) Working class in Greece protests docking of French battleship in its port

The French navy’s aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is currently docked at the Souda base in Greece. The Greek and French defense ministers signed a deal worth EUR 4 billion aboard the Charles de Gaulle on Thursday for the sale of advanced-technology frigates and Rafale fighters to Greece

Anti-war protest - Italy Workers in Italy protest ammunition dispatches to Ukraine disguised as humanitarian aid

Cargo workers at the Pisa airport refused to load ammunition disguised as humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Dock workers in Genoa also pointed out the disembarkation of tanks at the seaport, allegedly destined for Ukraine