Arts and culture
Art is political, whether it’s engaged with or not: Phil Garip on censorship of Pro-Palestine art

Neon artist Phil Garip had his artwork censored and excluded from an organization he is a part of, for using the phrase “from the river to the sea”

Artists across the globe stand in solidarity with Palestinian resistance

Over 100 artists sign on to a letter condemning Israel and “to stand in solidarity with those resisting occupation and fighting for their right to self-determination”

Hollywood workers are fighting to save creativity in entertainment

Top studios are determined to wait out the strike by starving out entertainment workers, while workers fight to be stewards of their own creative process

Hip hop and the conditions that gave rise to a cultural movement

Hip hop, the most popular cultural export of the United States, emerged out of the uniquely devastating conditions of deindustrialization and the criminalization of poverty

Workers shut down Hollywood

The entertainment industry in the US has come to standstill as both actors and writers strike against CEO greed

Hollywood actors are on the cusp of a strike

With less than 12 hours left before their contract expires, SAG-AFTRA workers appear poised to strike unless an agreement is reached before the end of the day

Over 11,000 TV and film writers on strike in the US

Worker compensation has not kept up with the streaming industry’s profits. Writers say big studios need to stop “pleading poverty”

Peace in Colombia should mean land reform and an end to hunger

Colombia’s ongoing national strike is part of a decades-long struggle against the political and economic elites to demand peace and dignity for all

Police arrest Spanish rapper Pablo Hasel

The Spanish national court served a notice to rapper Pablo Hasel in January asking him to surrender within ten days to face imprisonment. Hasel was convicted on charges of “glorifying terrorism, insulting the crown and state institutions” and faces a two-year prison term.

To reflect, to breathe, to hope and to stay human: Review of Hybrid War poster exhibition

The Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle organized four poster exhibitions over the last year on different themes related to imperialism

Not only to stay alive, but to stay human: An interview with Pavel Égüez

Designer Tings Chak spoke at length with Ecuadorian artist Pavel Égüez about revolutionary art, the crisis of capitalism and his series ‘Cuarentena’ which seeks to address the human suffering provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic

Poster exhibition shows glimpses of dying capitalist system and flickers of a new world

Anti-imperialist organizations launch an online poster exhibition around the concept of capitalism