South America is back, and Venezuela is helping lead the way

The recent summit of South American presidents in Brasilia, convened by President Lula Da Silva, was a practical reflection of the political-electoral shift towards the progressive camp in the region. Venezuela has been a key player in this process

Colombia rejoins UNASUR

The government of Colombian President Gustavo Petro decided to rejoin the regional integration organization UNASUR hours after Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva emphasized on the importance of revitalizing the group

brazil-coup-attempt-far-right Brazilian Supreme Court orders release of 130 accused in the Brasilia riots

Federal Police arrested 2,151 people following the anti-democratic riots in Brasilia, over a thousand have been released but continue to face charges

Ahead of its 40th anniversary, MST releases Letter to Brazilian people

Following its national coordination meeting, the MST reaffirms its commitment against oppression and in defense of food security

La extrema derecha brasileña: un cliché político

Las consignas que invadieron Brasilia el 8 de enero eran menos sobre Bolsonaro y más sobre el odio que se siente por Lula y su gobierno pro-pueblo

The Brazilian hard right are already a political cliché

The slogans that pervaded Brasília on January 8 were less about Bolsonaro and more about the hatred felt for Lula and his pro-people government

Bolsonaro supporters’ flopped coup attempt in Brazil is still dangerous

Zoe Alexandra of Peoples Dispatch explains the failed coup attempt by supporters of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, the motivations of the right-wing mob, and the response by people’s movements in the country

Coup attempt in Brazil condemned by leaders from across the globe

The violent attacks against Brazilian public institutions by supporters of former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro have been widely condemned by political leaders and organizations from across the world

Understand the complicity of the Federal District’s governor in the coup attempt in Brazil

Governor Ibaneis Rocha has been criticized for choosing a Bolsonarista for Public Security and for collusion with police forces

Coup attempt: Bolsonaro supporters invade Congress, Supreme Court, and office of President in Brasilia

Dozens of buses had arrived on Saturday January 7 to the Federal District to carry out what appears to be a planned-out coup attempt

Everything to know about Lula’s inauguration

The Workers’ Party leader will begin his third term with an official ceremony, artistic performances and representation of 120 countries

Defeated, Bolsonaro isolates himself, cancels interviews and does not respond even to close advisors

“Bolsonaro doesn’t want to receive anyone,” aides say after Lula’s presidential election victory