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BRICS summit was a giant leap towards inclusive multilateralism

Mandla J. Radebe of the University of Johannesburg talks about the outcomes of the recent BRICS summit in South Africa. He analyzes the politics of the expansion, the new financial architecture under construction, and the role of BRICS in the African continent

BRICS summit begins with focus on expansion, de-dollarization

The summit of BRICS leaders is expected to take crucial decisions related to the bloc’s expansion and its role in carving out more space for the economies of the Global South in the world economy

Lula criticizes the hegemony of the dollar during visit to China

On his first day in the country, the president also visited Huawei and had meetings with executives from other companies

La gran oportunidad bancaria de una nueva líder para mejorar el desarrollo mundial

¿Podrán el Nuevo Banco de Desarrollo y el Acuerdo de Reservas Contingentes cumplir su misión original con la llegada de la nueva presidenta del banco, Dilma Rousseff?

A new leader’s big banking opportunity to improve global development

Will the New Development Bank and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement be able to fulfill their original mission with the arrival of the new bank president Dilma Rousseff?

El Banco Mundial y el Banco de los BRICS tienen nuevos dirigentes y perspectivas diferentes

Los historiales y las prioridades de los nuevos responsables del Banco Mundial y del Nuevo Banco de Desarrollo -Ajay Banga y Dilma Rousseff- representan dos perspectivas diferentes a la hora de abordar los problemas del mundo

The World Bank and the BRICS Bank have new leaders and different outlooks

The records and priorities of the new heads of the World Bank and the New Development Bank – Ajay Banga and Dilma Rousseff – represent two different perspectives on addressing the world’s problems

Daily Round-up | Brazil ex-president Rousseff elected to BRICS bank presidency & other stories

In today’s episode, we look at Brazil’s ex-president Rousseff being elected to BRICS bank presidency, Sri Lankan workers protesting privatization of government oil company, and more.

Mapping Faultlines: Springtime for BRICS?

In this episode, NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the recent BRICS summit and the relevance of the bloc in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war and geopolitical developments

Peoples’ BRICS Seminar seeks unity of the people amid global crisis

Representatives from trade unions, political parties, social movements, and universities of the BRICS countries gathered in Brasilia for the Peoples’ BRICS Summit

Researchers and activists from five countries will debate about imperialism, economic and political crisis, solidarity, and integration. (Photo: Handout) “Peoples’ BRICS” to be held concurrently with BRICS Summit

People’s movements, unions, and parties will debate common issues between Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa