Claudia de la Cruz
The people of the US call for an end to Israel’s war on Gaza

Peoples Dispatch was on the streets of Washington DC where 400,000 people marched for Palestine. People traveled from across the United States to demand an immediate ceasefire and an end to Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza.

400,000 marched in Washington DC against Biden’s complicity in Israel’s genocide

Hundreds of thousands marched in Washington, DC to demand an immediate ceasefire and protest Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza

The people shut it down for Palestine

On November 9, thousands of people disrupted business as usual in solidarity with Palestine. Peoples Dispatch brings you a report on this day of action

“Si Palestina está ocupada, no hay paz en el mundo”

La situación actual en Palestina fue tema central en la apertura de la III Conferencia Internacional Dilemas de la Humanidad en Johannesburgo

“If Palestine is occupied, there is no peace in the world”

The current situation in Palestine was central to the opening panel of the III International Conference Dilemmas of Humanity in Johannesburg.