176 years since the Communist Manifesto was published, socialists around the world celebrate “Red Books Day”

Socialists across the globe in countries such as India, Brazil, and the United States celebrate the Manifesto and all “Red Books” that shaped the world

Manolo De Los Santos: Un horizonte socialista es aquel donde lo imposible se encuentra con lo posible

El codirector ejecutivo del Foro de los Pueblos reflexiona sobre el futuro de la lucha de clases en Estados Unidos y en todo el mundo

Manolo De Los Santos: A socialist horizon is where the impossible meets the possible

The People’s Forum co-executive director reflects on the future of class struggle in the US and across the globe

Dilemmas of Humanity conference in the US outlines principle task: organize a working class movement to defeat the empire

Socialists, organizers, and working class leaders in the United States describe the challenges the movement faces, and what is to be done to overcome them

Understand Cuba’s upcoming National Assembly elections

In this year’s electoral process in Cuba a record number of women, young people, and Black people running as candidates

The saga of Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx is buried

Harsev Bains, Secretary, Association of Indian Communists of Britain and Ireland, talks about the history of the burial site of Karl Marx

Aijaz Ahmad: critic, scholar, communist

In memory of Aijaz Ahmad whose insights continue to illuminate and inspire

At COP26, the only person arrested and charged was a Communist.

Amid the deepening climate crisis, it has become increasingly clear that capitalism is not only the root of the problem, but it also offers no viable solutions. Police cracked down on those that bore the clarion call “socialism or extinction”

Prof. Aijaz Ahmad: Withering of the state identical to dictatorship of the proletariat

Prof. Aijaz Ahmad and Vijay Prashad discuss the significance of Karl Marx’s historic text, The Civil War in France

Friedrich Engels: 200 and still going strong

JNU Associate Professor Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy and Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha analyze the enduring relevance of Friedrich Engels

Three problems of reading Engels and the reasons why we need to

On this bicentenary of Friedrich Engels, we need to understand the nature of the struggle of ideas that Engels was engaged in his times, and what its significance is today

The “spectre of communism” haunts the world: 172 years of the Communist Manifesto

Tens of thousands of people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America publicly read the Communist Manifesto to commemorate the 172nd year since its first publication in 1848.