COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 has killed more than 7 million people since 2020

While COVID-19 has disappeared from front pages, the virus is still claiming thousands of lives each month. The WHO warns against complacency and urges continuation of vaccination

International tribunal finds US blockade of Cuba in violation of international law

The International Tribunal Against the Blockade of Cuba took place in the Belgian capital on November 16 and 17 and heard from dozens of witnesses from European and Cuban civil society

The COVID fight: Fresh strategies needed?

Immunologist Dr. Satyajit Rath talks about the lessons public health authorities must learn from the recent increase in COVID-19 cases as well as the emergence of new variants

COVID-19 vaccines More equitable sharing of COVID-19 vaccines would have saved a million lives: study

It had been widely assumed that the disparity in vaccine distribution led to a loss of lives during the pandemic. But the new research has come out with an estimate of the global loss, which could be helpful in planning for future pandemics

Scientists call upon European Union to build public pharma production capacities

Dozens of scientists, health activists, and health officers in the EU are gathering support for building public capacities for pharmaceutical production and breaking ties with industry

Brazil’s health workers vow to save public healthcare in the country

Activists from all over Brazil reaffirm the need to guarantee resources for a 100% public health system

Death trumps life at Geneva WTO Ministerial

Big Pharma profits have trumped lives and health again. Some, such as India, China, Russia, South Africa, can produce vaccines for all, but there hang threats of sanctions by rich countries

COVID-19 : Science and the quest towards a universal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

Immunologist Satyajit Rath and NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha discuss the scientific concepts pertaining to viral infections and the mechanisms of vaccines against them

The vaccine must be a common good for humanity

Immunologist Dr. Satyajit Rath and NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha discuss the prevailing vaccine apartheid and try to understand how it is against the common good of the people of the world

COVID-19 pandemic led to increase in extreme poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean, reports ECLAC

According to ECLAC’s annual report, extreme poverty rate in the region rose from 13.1% in 2020 to 13.8% in 2021, a setback of 27 years

Vaccine covid 19 Reactions to COVID vaccines: Majority maybe a nocebo effect

A new study published in the JAMA network involving 45,000 patients indicates that the adverse reactions people experienced after being administered the vaccines are due to the nocebo effect

‘Omicron’ explosion and the beginning of an overwhelmed healthcare system?

Immunologist Dr. Satyajit Rath talks about the Omicron variant, which seems to have displaced Delta in India and could infect more people than its predecessor