Cyril Ramaphosa
Leftists in Slovenia hit the streets for Gaza

The Slovenian left has demanded that the government join South Africa’s case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel’s ongoing genocidal war on Palestinians

South African parliament votes to close Israeli embassy

The South African National Assembly voted to close down the Israeli embassy until a ceasefire is declared and Israel commits to binding UN-facilitated negotiations. Addressing the BRICS Summit on Tuesday, President Ramaphosa said Israel’s actions in Gaza were “tantamount to genocide”

South Africa to recall diplomats from Israel over genocidal war in Gaza

The South African government is also considering action against the Israeli ambassador over his disrespectful and derogatory remarks about the government and people of the country

South Africans increase pressure on government to sever ties with “Apartheid Israel”

While South Africa has demanded an ICC probe into Israeli war crimes, voices from across the country are demanding action, including breaking of ties

South Africans denounce ‘Apartheid Israel’, demand expulsion of Israeli ambassador

With the memory of South Africa’s struggle against apartheid still intact, people’s movements and the ruling bloc have reiterated solidarity with Palestine

BRICS summit BRICS calls for global economic decision making in the interest of the majority 

Policies followed by the West such as sanctions, conditionalities in loan disbursal, and dollar hegemony were the targets of speeches made by the BRICS leaders on the first and second days of the summit

BRICS summit begins with focus on expansion, de-dollarization

The summit of BRICS leaders is expected to take crucial decisions related to the bloc’s expansion and its role in carving out more space for the economies of the Global South in the world economy

Can BRICS lead a wave of assertion from Global South?

At its historic summit in South Africa, BRICS has an opportunity to give voice to the demands of the Global South. In order to do so, it must realize its potential as a global forum that provides alternatives for development and growth

BRICS summit South Africa BRICS summit will go on as planned, confirms host South Africa

The ICC arrest warrant issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin had led to speculation about the summit being shifted to China or some other country to avoid his arrest

How is South Africa dealing with western pressure on BRICS summit?

Mandla Radebe of the University of Johannesburg talks about how South Africa is dealing with external and internal pressure on the BRICS summit and how the country sees its role in the forum. He also talks about how South Africa has responded to the Ukraine war

South African court rules in favor of NUMSA and others in load shedding case, asks state to ensure power supply to critical facilities

The Court has granted urgent relief sought by NUMSA and 18 other applicants to exempt public hospitals, schools, and police stations from rotational power cuts, recognizing that load shedding infringed upon constitutional rights. A decision on Part B of the application seeking final relief is awaited.

Energy crisis South Africa NUMSA, other organizations seek court action to end South Africa’s debilitating power outages

An application filed by NUMSA along with other trade unions, political parties, and civil society groups seeks urgent action to end load-shedding and a recent hike in electricity tariffs by Eskom as power outages endanger South Africa’s infrastructure and economy