Denver Classroom Teachers Association
Oakland teachers approve new contract, vote to end strike

The new contract includes 11% salary increase over 4 years and a one-time 3% bonus upon ratification. The teachers went on strike on February 21 after almost two years of unfruitful negotiations with authorities

Denver teachers’ strike ends after authorities agree to reform pay system

The teachers, under the banner of the Denver Class Teachers Association, went on strike on February 11 seeking higher base pay rather than one-time bonuses to ensure greater retention

Denver teachers continue strike ahead of talks with district authorities

The strike by the teachers of Denver, seeking fair wages and better support for education, began on February 11. Talks will be held between the Denver Class Teachers Association and Denver Public School authorities on February 13

‘Teachers need increased base pay rather than performance-based incentives’

Ahead of a teachers’ strike in Denver on February 11, Peoples Dispatch talks to the Denver Classroom Teachers Association and the Colorado Education Association on the reasons for the protest and its links to the national educators’ movement

Teachers’ protests break out in Chicago, Oakland and Denver

While the Chicago Teachers Union launched a strike, protesting fund cuts and low wages, the Oakland Educators Association voted in favor of a strike action, demanding a smaller class size, student support and living wages. Teachers in Denver decided to strike after the State refused to intervene

Ahead of planned strike, Denver teachers march seeking better pay

The Denver Class Teachers Association has been conducting negotiating with education authorities for better pay for teachers and less reliance on one-time bonuses. A planned strike was delayed after State authorities intervened in the negotiations

Teachers’ union in Denver votes to strike for fair wages

The call for strike was given by Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA), which represents about two-thirds of Denver Public Schools’ 5,600 educators.