Elections in Guatemala
After threat of coup and nine hours of delay, the president of Guatemala is sworn in

Attempt to weaken the new president’s parliamentary group backfires as his Semilla party assumes presidency of Congress

Mobilizations continue in Guatemala against impending “coup”

Indigenous communities in the country have been on a national strike since October 2 amid actions by the judiciary and the right-wing to undermine democracy and the electoral process

Guatemala’s electoral tribunal ratifies June election results minutes after prosecutor’s office suspends the second-place party

The contradictory announcements intensified weeks of uncertainty over the possibility of a run-off vote between Sandra Torres and Bernardo Arévalo

What’s behind the post-election crisis in Guatemala?

Indigenous Guatemalan leader Carlos Barrientos Aragón reflects on the crisis that has unfolded in the country following the elections

Guatemala heads to run-off elections elections amid record levels of abstention

On August 20, the people of Guatemala will choose between former first lady Sandra Torres and sociologist Bernardo Arévalo

Human rights organizations condemn police repression of protests in Guatemala

The Guatemalan national police brutally repressed a peaceful demonstration, on November 21, against corruption and president Alejandro Giammattei

Guatemalan peasant organizations strike ahead of the second round of elections

The strike was carried out to denounce the electoral fraud committed in the first round of general elections and to reject the immigration agreement signed by the national government with the US

Guatemalan electoral authority releases official results from June elections

After two weeks of delay due to several reports of electoral irregularities and their subsequent investigation, the Guatemalan electoral court confirmed the run-off between Sandra Torres and Alejandro Giammattei

Guatemalans will go to the polls for the second round of presidential elections

The center-right candidate Sandra Torres and the right-wing candidate Alejandro Giammattei will face off in the second round of Guatemalan presidential elections on August 11.