Police on the streets in Lahore Violence breaks out outside former PM Imran Khan’s residence in Pakistan as police attempt to arrest him

Khan, who has criticized state institutions and the Pakistani army, has been accused of corruption

Understand Cuba’s upcoming National Assembly elections

In this year’s electoral process in Cuba a record number of women, young people, and Black people running as candidates

FB whistleblower confirms how social network benefitted from fake news, bots and misinformation

Sophie Zhang, former data scientist at Facebook, reveals how she fought to remove bot accounts and sophisticated networks that targeted users in different countries to manipulate elections, and spread misinformation.

Algeria: What does the cancellation of elections mean to the protest movement?

Protesters who brought down Abdelaziz Bouteflika from presidency had boycotted the elections on the grounds that an election overseen by the same regime they are seeking to overthrow will only result in its reconsolidation.

“I don’t vote for garbage, I choose dignity”: Guatemalans conclude 8 day march

The protesters urged the Guatemalan population to participate in the upcoming presidential elections, support democracy and choose public candidate with conscience

India’s ruling right-wing BJP suffers setback as as opposition wins polls in key States

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lost three of its state governments, including two of its strongest bastions, to the key opposition party Indian National Congress.

Poll results in Taiwan a setback to anti-Beijing policies of govt.

The victory of the Kuomintang in the local body polls is believed to be due to its ability to channel popular anger against president Tsai Ing-Wen’s hardline policies against China, which have led to an economic slowdown

US mid-term elections Bitterly contested US polls see record levels of spending

An analysis estimates that nearly $5.2 billion is likely to be spent in this election cycle with the Democrats outspending the Republicans. Opinion polls predict a tight race with the Democrats likely to take back the House of Representatives

“Ending monarchy and the establishment of a democratic multi-party system is way forward for Swaziland”

One of the last absolute monarchies in the world, Swaziland is headed to a primary round of polls of August 25 under its Tinkhundla (administrative sub-division)-based electoral system.

Social movements prepare to mobilize as Ivan Duque wins Colombian presidential polls

He is a protege of former President Alvaro Uribe during whose term nearly 32,000 forced disappearances took place