Far-right surge or status quo? Understanding the 2024 European elections

Last month’s European Parliament elections did not bring about the ultimate breakthrough of the far right as some had feared. They are gaining influence though, especially because the lines between them and forces in the political center are blurring. Consequently, we will have to look to the left to stop their surge.

Eagle Pass stand-off: what’s really behind the border dispute?

The Biden administration has worked to continue Trump’s border wall by any means necessary, including by waiving dozens of federal laws

What would a second Trump presidency mean for the people of the US?

Trump is rocketing through the primaries for the 2024 Presidential election. This is a glimpse into what he wants for the future of the US

Protests erupt in Germany after exposure of far-right conspiracy to deport migrants en masse

An investigative report has exposed a far-right plot, hatched during a meeting in November, to deport migrants en masse from Germany

Chief financiers remain at large following the January 6 insurrection on the US Capitol

Those who faced harsh consequences for storming the Capitol were not the ones that bankrolled the events of January 6

Argentine courts grant union’s request and suspend Milei’s labor reform

The measures are part of a “decree” announced by the far-right president in December

Serbian Progressive Party retains the majority in the general elections

The elections have been regarded as a referendum on the popularity of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic who is the leader of the incumbent Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) led coalition.

The people reclaim the Dublin streets rampaged by right-wing mobs

Following the outbreak of violent riots perpetuated by far-right groups, Irish working class groups marched in solidarity with those affected by the xenophobic violence

Yet another mass shooting in the US kills eight people, including three children

Shooter who espoused white supremacist and misogynistic views gunned down several people, killing nine and injuring 7, at a mall in Texas

Argentina’s far-right grows amid the crisis

The rise of the far-right libertarian Javier Milei in Argentine politics is not so easy to explain, but it is already a reality. What do his supporters see in such a controversial figure and how is it related to a crisis of political representation?

A criminal attack on democracy: Why Brazil’s fascists should not get amnesty

From all the excitement echoing from the red tide that took over during Lula’s inauguration as Brazil’s President, the most significant was the call for “no amnesty”

Coup attempt in Brazil condemned by leaders from across the globe

The violent attacks against Brazilian public institutions by supporters of former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro have been widely condemned by political leaders and organizations from across the world