General elections in Peru
Amid mounting political crisis, Peru’s de facto president swears in four new ministers

Indigenous and social organizations, as well as trade unions, have decided to intensify protests against the government of de facto president Dina Boluarte. They are demanding her resignation, the release of her predecessor Pedro Castillo, the dissolution of Congress, and fresh elections

UN Report: 700,000 Afghans have lost jobs since Taliban takeover

In today’s episode of the Daily Roundup we take a look at the massive strike action by public sector workers in the UK, the Philippines allowing the US to set up more bases, Israel conducting air strikes on Gaza, and updates on the ongoing protests in Peru.

Peruvians demand a new, participatory political system

Peoples Dispatch reports from the ground in Peru where massive mobilizations are continuing in support of the ousted president Pedro Castillo.

“We are here to support our President”: Peruvians resist the coup

Hundreds of Peruvians have come to the capital Lima to protest the coup against Pedro Castillo and to demand fundamental changes in the political system

The US egged on the coup in Peru

The move by Pedro Castillo to dissolve Congress ahead of a third impeachment motion seems to be the result of a pressure campaign with support from the US

Mapping Faultlines: What Pedro Castillo’s victory means for Peru and Latin America

Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha looks at the implications of Pedro Castillo’s victory in the Peruvian elections and its wider ramifications on the continent as a whole

Pedro Castillo sworn in as president of Peru after more than a month of uncertainty

Many progressive leaders of the Latin American and Caribbean region believe that Castillo will strengthen regional integration and the anti-imperialist movement in the region.

Pedro Castillo takes office as Peru’s new president

In his first speech as president, peasant and public school teacher Pedro Castillo stressed that his government will prioritize the needs of the historically marginalized sectors and outlined a series of progressive reforms to transform the country

It’s official: Left candidate Pedro Castillo declared winner of presidential elections in Peru

Pedro Castillo of the left-wing Free Peru party won the run-off elections with 50.126% of the votes, receiving 44,263 more votes than his opponent Keiko Fujimori of the far-right Popular Force party

There’s a dirty tricks campaign underway in Peru to deny the left’s presidential victory

The campaign to overturn Peru’s presidential election results is one of “unconventional warfare.”

Why hasn’t Pedro Castillo been declared the winner of Peru’s presidential elections yet?

Pedro Castillo of the left-wing Free Peru party won the second round of presidential elections but his opponent has refused to concede and the National Jury of Elections (JNE) has not yet proclaimed him as winner.

Peruvians defend Pedro Castillo’s victory as Keiko Fujimori continues coup attempts

Right-wing Keiko Fujimori from Popular Force is still refusing to concede. Castillo won the elections with a margin of at least 44,000 votes.