Hybrid war
US announces military exercise in Guyana and Venezuela responds: “Threat to regional peace”

US Embassy says it is working to “defend the country”; Venezuelan Foreign Minister says action is “provocation”

Hypocrisy at work: anti-migrant politicians call for more sanctions against Venezuela

US lawmakers are both promoting racist rhetoric against migrants and fueling the very same sanctions that drive mass migration

Cuban President exchanges with US revolutionaries on UNGA visit

Amid UN General Assembly week, Díaz-Canel addresses people in the United States fighting for an end to the US blockade against Cuba and for removing Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

Lula and the second progressive wave in Latin America

The “Second wave” of progressive governments emerges against a backdrop of less than favorable external and internal forces

The US Is Trying to Provoke a Soft Coup in Cuba

The San Isidro events provide another example of the US government’s attempt to create a soft coup.

US sanctions Progressive International calls for end to US-imposed unilateral sanctions

Unilateral sanctions imposed by the US adversely impact nearly one-third of humanity in over thirty countries including Cuba, Iran and Venezuela