Los trabajadores migrantes enriquecen al mundo

Los inmigrantes son cruciales para la reducción de la pobreza y para generar riqueza en la sociedad, pero son tratados como criminales, abandonados por sus propios países que prefieren gastar cantidades vulgares de dinero para atraer inversiones de mucho menos impacto a través de corporaciones multinacionales.

Texas law enforcement will be able to arrest immigrants on mere “suspicion” of crossing border

Supreme Court allows Texas to enforce law that permits state law enforcement agents to deport non-citizens, a power up until now only reserved for federal agents

Biden shows signs of capitulating to conservatives on immigration, conservatives don’t care

US President Joe Biden continues to deviate from his campaign promises of a more humane immigration policy

Eagle Pass stand-off: what’s really behind the border dispute?

The Biden administration has worked to continue Trump’s border wall by any means necessary, including by waiving dozens of federal laws

What would a second Trump presidency mean for the people of the US?

Trump is rocketing through the primaries for the 2024 Presidential election. This is a glimpse into what he wants for the future of the US

Protests erupt in Germany after exposure of far-right conspiracy to deport migrants en masse

An investigative report has exposed a far-right plot, hatched during a meeting in November, to deport migrants en masse from Germany

Rise of far-right Germany The rise and rise of far-right in Germany

A recent poll indicated that 20% of voters might support the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). There is no mistaking that it is a political earthquake and in the coming years, the party could become indispensable in the formation of a federal government in Berlin

Desperation at the US border

Thousands of migrants, driven by economic warfare waged by the US, find themselves in conditions of despair at the southern US border

US further militarizes the border as COVID-era migration restrictions expire

As a Trump-era immigration policy ends, more migrants are crossing the border prompting a massive border militarization effort

House Democrats urge Biden to lift sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela

Democrats argue that sanctions are contributing to the influx of migrants at the border, who flee economic hardship only to be faced with hostility

The US has a child labor crisis. Lawmakers are trying to make it worse.

Iowa just passed one of the most extreme pro-child labor bills in recent times, leaving employers off the hook if a child worker dies on the job

Tragedy in Ciudad Juárez highlights dangers faced by migrants

The tragic event shines a light on the multitude of dangers facing the hundreds of thousands of migrants who set off on perilous journeys to the US each year in the hope of a better life