Student movement for Palestine stands defiant in face of police repression

Police continue to crack down on growing movement of Gaza Solidarity Encampments, students stand their ground

The student movement for Palestine intensifies struggle with wave of university encampments

After Columbia students launched their Gaza Solidarity Encampment, students across the US joined the call to stand in solidarity with Palestine

Students launch encampments in solidarity with Gaza across the US

Police launch new wave of repression as student movement for Palestine grows

Hundreds of students occupy Columbia University in solidarity with Gaza

Students stage an occupation the same day as Columbia’s President appears before congress in so-called antisemitism hearing

German police shut down pro-Palestine conference

Police conducted arrests of attendees, while German authorities prevented conference guest and Gazan doctor Ghassan Abu Sitta from even entering the country

44% of all Palestinians killed by Israel since October 7 are children

Over 14,000 children have been killed and nearly 17,000 others have lost at least one or both of their parents in the Israeli bombings or ground offensives in the last six months in Gaza

Al-Quds Day mobilization takes on new importance amid Israel’s genocide of Gaza

International Al-Quds Day launches mass expression of solidarity across regional resistance and global Palestine solidarity movement

Israel’s killing of seven aid workers in Gaza was intentional

Israel has killed aid workers and levelied false charges against agencies such as UNRWA, revealing its use of starvation as a weapon

Millions across the globe mark historic day of Palestinian struggle

Mobilizations for Palestinian Land Day drew crowds around the world who called for an end to the genocide and total liberation of Palestine

ICJ expands urgent measures in genocide case against Israel as famine “sets in” in Gaza

The Court has issued orders for Israel to “ensure” the “unhindered provision” of humanitarian aid, as 31 people have been killed due to deliberate starvation in Gaza

People’s movements to launch massive Land Day mobilizations in solidarity with Palestine

On March 30, people’s movements and working class parties around the world will mark Land Day as Palestinians continue to resist against land theft and genocide

Israeli occupation forces kill eight Palestinians in West Bank in large scale raids

Occupation forces deliberately target civilian infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and residential buildings during their raids inside the Palestinian towns and refugee camps