Israeli aggression
International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People: the call heard around the world

On the UN-recognized day of solidarity with the Palestinian people around the world demand a fully liberated Palestine

Biden gives booster dose to the faltering Ukraine war

Biden’s formal address to the nation from the Oval Office on Thursday can only be seen as the launch of a new phase of the Ukraine war. The main plot was that the hybrid war in Ukraine will continue so long as Biden remains in office in the White House

The US once again refuses to seek peace for Palestine

Both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin make it clear that the US is ready to escalate an already genocidal war

Fuerzas de ocupación israelíes masacran a nueve palestinos en el campo de refugiados de Yenín

La masacre ha sido calificada como “la mayor y más extensa desde 2002”. Al parecer, las fuerzas israelíes impidieron que las ambulancias llegaran hasta los heridos

Israel’s horrid occupation of Palestine

The violence witnessed over the last week in Gaza is part of a seven-decade assault on the people of Palestine by the Zionist regime, but it has been met with resistance by the people at every step

Israel steps up regional aggression, carries out air raids in Syria, violates Lebanese air space

According to the reports Israel’s attacks in Syria were aided by information provided by US intelligence agencies. Israel has also been carrying out low altitude flights across the Lebanese air space in the last few days prompting Lebanon to file a complaint in the UNSC

Israeli forces shell Lebanon Israel shells southern Lebanon  

Israel claimed that it shelled the southern part of Lebanon to prevent Hezbollah fighters from infiltrating but the resistance group denied these claims and called it a “one-sided attack”