Israeli war crimes in Palestine
Dehumanization of healthcare in the West Bank, a blueprint for ethnic cleansing

From direct attacks on hospitals to smear campaigns, health workers and facilities in the West Bank are facing a host of attacks by Israeli forces who seek to undermine the sense of trust that people have towards the healthcare system

Death toll in Gaza crosses 27,000 as possible ceasefire hangs in the balance

The bombardment of Gaza continues unabated as disturbing reports emerge of mass graves being found with Palestinians reportedly blindfolded and tied at the hands before being executed

16 weeks of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza

The death toll in Gaza is approaching 27,000, while the number of those injured has also increased to at least 65,636, as Israeli aerial bombardment and ground assaults continue across the entire Palestinian territory

The International Court of Justice censures Israel for its genocidal war

The ICJ ruling on South Africa’s case against Israel marked a crucial victory for the Palestine solidarity movement and laid out Israel’s war crimes for the whole world to see

Organizers declare: Repression won’t stop the movement to free Palestine

The Palestine solidarity movement in the United States has been under increased pressure by authorities but shows no signs of letting up

It is clear that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, UN-Panel concludes

While the ‘physical element’ of genocide is being documented and broadcast daily, the ‘mental element’ – i.e the intent behind the mass killing – which is more difficult to establish, has been repeatedly clarified by the leaders of Israeli government and military.

Israel extends detention of Al-Shifa hospital’s director by 45 days

Al-Shifa hospital director Dr. Muhammad Abu Salmiya and his colleagues were arrested on November 23, a day before the ceasefire came into effect. Israeli forces had continuously targeted and raided the hospital leading to the death of patients

Israel refuses ceasefire, carries out most intensive bombings of Gaza yet

People across the world mobilized to support the Palestinian cause and to denounce their government’s support to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Palestine Action UK Activists from Palestine Action force Israeli arms factory in UK to shut down for the second time

The action comes just days after the group’s activists targeted the London headquarters Elbit Systems and forced it to remain shut for several hours.