January 8 attacks in Brasília
“A coup plotter lives here!”: Youth movement protest far-right politicians on 60th anniversary of military coup

The action organized by Levante Popular targeted figures such as deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro and former Minister of Justice Anderson Torres

63% of Brazilians are against amnesty for January 8th coup plotters

Even among Bolsonaro voters, the majority of the population is in favor of punishing those responsible for the riots in Brasília

Movements in Brazil will take to the streets this Saturday against amnesty for coup plotters

Mobilizations have been organized by People’s Brazil Front and People Without Fear, as well as trade union federations and progressive parties

Will Bolsonaro be brought to justice for his role in the January 8 coup attempt?

On Thursday, February 8, the Federal Police carried out an operation that shook the Brazilian political scene

The not-so-discreet US campaign to pressure Brazil’s foreign policy

There is an agenda behind the recent media coverage on the supposed “pressure campaign” carried out by US officials to prevent a coup by Bolsonaro and his supporters. These reports are in fact in favor of the US government’s interests in Brazilian foreign policy

100 days of Lula’s presidency: what has changed in Brazil since January 1?

Lula’s administration has significantly shifted the direction of politics in Brazil, sharply departing from his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro

Looking back at Bolsonarismo and its project of cultural and national destruction

During the riots in Brasília on January 8, Bolsonaristas caused irreparable damage to the country’s cultural patrimony, destroying art that represents everything they are against

Ahead of its 40th anniversary, MST releases Letter to Brazilian people

Following its national coordination meeting, the MST reaffirms its commitment against oppression and in defense of food security

The role of the Brazilian military in the coup attempt

Members of the military are being investigated as part of the investigation into the January 8 invasion by Bolsonaristas in Brasilia

Un ataque criminal a la democracia: Por qué no debe haber amnistía para los fascistas brasileños

De toda la algarabía que resonó en la marea roja que se apoderó de la toma de posesión de Lula como Presidente de Brasil, lo más significativo fue el llamamiento a la “no amnistía”

A criminal attack on democracy: Why Brazil’s fascists should not get amnesty

From all the excitement echoing from the red tide that took over during Lula’s inauguration as Brazil’s President, the most significant was the call for “no amnesty”

La extrema derecha brasileña: un cliché político

Las consignas que invadieron Brasilia el 8 de enero eran menos sobre Bolsonaro y más sobre el odio que se siente por Lula y su gobierno pro-pueblo