Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU)
South Korean lawmakers pass landmark labor bill, amid rising trade union mobilizations

The “yellow envelope bill” is an outcome of years of labor mobilizations demanding reforms of existing labor laws, in the aftermath of workers suppression in the SsangYong Motors strike of 2009

Seoul Metro workers stage “warning strike” over planned layoffs

The management of Seoul Metro has used losses over the past few years as a reason behind laying off over 2,200 workers, while trade unions argue it will affect safety standards

Korean health workers strike Health workers in South Korea prepare for nationwide strike

The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union is preparing to launch a nationwide strike from July 13 as government continues to ignore grievances concerning staffing and pay. The unions expects approximately 45,000 health workers in 145 workplaces to join the strike

Indignación en aumento tras la redada de los servicios de inteligencia y la policía en la Confederación Coreana de Sindicatos

En una escalada de persecución antisindical en Corea del Sur, la Confederación Coreana de Sindicatos (KCTU) fue objeto de una redada por parte del Servicio Nacional de Inteligencia, acusada de violar una ley de seguridad nacional de la época de la Guerra Fría.

KCTU raid South Korea Outrage mounts after Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is raided by intelligence and police

In a major escalation of the ongoing anti-trade union persecution in South Korea, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) was raided by the National Intelligence Service on charges of violating a Cold War-era national security law 

South Korea truckers strike Despite government’s back-to-work order, South Korean truckers continue strike

The nationwide truck drivers’ strike completed 10 days on December 3, despite back-to-work orders and further strike-busting threats from the conservative Yoon Suk-yeol government

Two polarizing choices in South Korea’s presidential election

As the mainstream parties offer competing visions for South Korea’s future, the fractured progressive left finds itself without real influence.

Thousands rally for labour protections, public services in South Korea and other stories

Today we look at the 2022 People’s Rally against inequality in South Korea, the killing of 23 year old Ashling Murphy in Ireland, and more

Sudanese forces kill 4, injure hundreds during 11th March of Millions and other stories

Today we look at violence against anti-coup protestors in Sudan, a court order allowing C.N. rail to pursue private prosecution of Indigenous activists, and more

South Korean workers strike for secure employment and public services and other stories

Today we look at the strike for secure work and public services in South Korea, the TPLF’s advances in Ethiopia and airstrikes by the government, and more

US jury indicts police and medics in the killing of Elijah McClain and other stories

Today we look at the indictment of police and paramedics in the killing of Elijah McClain, the new abortion law enforced in the US state of Texas, and more

Samsung Samsung executives sentenced in South Korea for union-busting

26 senior executives and former employees of the Samsung Group have been sentenced to jail, while the company has been charged a minor fine for violating the country’s labor laws