labor struggle
Anganwadi workers in Andhra Pradesh declare victory after 42-day strike

Terming the strike as a “grand victory,” the All India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers said in a statement that it “proved the strength of the working people”

Writers Guild strike US Hollywood writers secure tentative deal after 146 days of strike

The bargaining team of the Writers’ Guild of America have announced an in-principle agreement on all major issues raised by the striking writers. The strike is set to continue until after the final draft of the tentative agreement is authorized for a ratification vote

In two days, 144,000 US autoworkers workers are set to strike

The master contract for 144,000 unionized workers expires on September 14. Workers are ready to strike the three largest automakers in the nation

Teamsters win historic tentative agreement with UPS

UPS Teamsters mobilized a 340,000-strong workforce to elevate the living standards of the entire United States working class

Workers shut down Hollywood

The entertainment industry in the US has come to standstill as both actors and writers strike against CEO greed

Hollywood actors are on the cusp of a strike

With less than 12 hours left before their contract expires, SAG-AFTRA workers appear poised to strike unless an agreement is reached before the end of the day

“Strike imminent” Teamsters leaders say as they walk out of negotiations with UPS

In response to UPS’ lowball economic proposals, Teamsters challenged the company to provide a proposal that meets worker’s demands by June 30

If UPS does not concede to their demands, 350,000 workers are all set to strike come August

After several days of voting, Teamsters at the logistics company authorized a strike by an overwhelming 97% majority

UPS workers launch strike authorization vote

If push comes to shove, the Teamsters will not shying away from using their ultimate leverage: a work stoppage which would be one of the largest strikes in US history

The greed of entertainment executives could reap a double strike

97.91% of Hollywood actors authorized a potential strike weeks after the Writer’s Guild of America entered their own strike following failed negotiations with studio giants

Overworked and understaffed Dollar General workers rally against cost-cuts on safety

Workers in the US rural variety store giant Dollar General protest the company’s cost-cutting policies which has dubbed it a “Severe Violator” of worker safety

Hollywood writers are joining the fight for stable jobs

The TV & entertainment writers’ strike is only one example of organized labor attempting to lift the working class out of the trenches of the so-called gig economy