Labour laws
India industral code India’s new industrial relations law: a farewell to job security

The new Industrial Relations Code changes forever the security of having a job. Now employees will be at the mercy of employers

Trade unions demand restoration of labor rights in Kyrgyzstan

After the enactment of a new penal code in January, it is no longer an offense to employ staff without signing a contract or for an employer to refuse to engage in collective bargaining. Employers can also illegally dismiss employees who are members of elected representative bodies of employees

Trump US Shutdown US labor union sues Trump administration over government shutdown

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of 400,000 ‘essential’ employees who have been forced to continue work without pay

Hungary protests “In Hungary, there is no way forward but strikes”

Guzslován Gábor of the Federation of Metal Workers Union of Hungary talks about the impact of the ‘slave law’ passed by the far-right government of Viktor Orbán and the massive protests against it

Workers strike in Belgium Workers in Belgium strike against the anti-worker policies of the centre-right government

In many places, the protesters marched wearing yellow vests in solidarity with the French protesters (of the Gilet Jaunes or the Yellow Vests movement).

Hungarians hit the street against ‘slave law’ that increases overtime

According to the new provision that was passed on Wednesday, employers can demand as much as 400 hours of overtime a year and can take three years to disburse the payments for the same

Tens of thousands of Australian workers take part in ‘Change the Rules’ rallies

The workers, under the banner of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, demanded an increase in the minimum wage, an overhaul of labor hire policies, laws for safe and secure workplaces and job security

Ontario premier Doug Ford now targets social assistance program

The latest proposals come in the aftermath of his labor ‘reforms’ proposed last month which seek to cap the minimum wage and undo many of the progressive measures introduced by the previous government

Unions in France have been protesting for months against Macron's attempts at gutting the welfare model French workers, students take to the streets against Macron’s ‘reforms’

As many as 300,000 protesters took part in marches called by trade unions and student associations, demanding an increase in wages, pensions, gender equality and an end to privatization

South African court ruling on labor brokers a victory for the working poor

The long-awaited judgment of the Constitutional Court brought to an end an almost four-year-long legal battle on the correct interpretation of a section of the Labour Relations Act.

Austrians march against law permitting 12-hour work days

The law removes the power of the works’ councils to veto employers’ demands for extra hours

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