Lima Group
Juan Guaidó returned to Venezuela, situation remains calm

After a multi-country tour in hopes of garnering support for his self-proclaimed presidency, Juan Guaidó, member of the National Assembly of Venezuela returned to his home country

Indigenous women activists protest Lima Group’s meeting in Canada

The protest by the Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu was among a series of demonstrations held during the meeting of the Lima Group, a platform of conservative Latin American governments, which sought to legitimize the coup attempt by Juan Guaido against Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelans remain defiant despite tougher sanctions by US, allies

On January 29, the US announced it would block 7 billion dollars in assets of the Venezuelan state oil company, Petroleos De Venezuela SA (PDVSA), and 11 billion dollars of their export revenue. They will also freeze the assets of PDVSA’s US-based subsidiary Citgo.

Chavistas Venezuela: Twenty first century’s imperialism laboratory

The Trump administration, backed by right wing groups and governments, does not realise that Nicolás Maduro’s government will probably not fall so easily since its pillars – millions of Chavistas – are intact and supporting their legitimate president

Peoples movements across the world bolster their support for Venezuela’s Maduro

President Nicolás Maduro will begin his second term tomorrow January 10, though the US and their allies have vowed to not recognize his government

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