Journalists killed in Gaza Scores of Palestinian journalists killed in Israeli war in Gaza 

According to Palestinian press freedom groups, most of the journalists killed were in the field reporting on the war and were victims of indiscriminate Israeli bombings 

Chronicle | Colombian Commander Uriel falls in combat, fulfilling his destiny

The largest active guerrilla group in Colombia announced the death of one of its principal leaders, “an authentic guerrillero”

Prensa Latina completes 61 years in the service of truth

For the past six decades, the news agency has been working to serve the truth and spread an emancipatory and anti-hegemonic view of the world

Long live teleSUR!

Political leaders, journalists and social organizations across Latin America and the Caribbean have condemned far-right Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s threats to seize the left-wing media outlet teleSUR

Juan Guaidó threatens attack against teleSUR

Telesur was founded in 2005 in a collaborative effort between Venezuela, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia, as an alternative to mainstream media narratives

Assange The Arrest of Julian Assange Is an Attack on Press Freedom

We also look at the transformation Wikileaks brought to the idea of journalism across the world.

The mainstream media is portraying the coup in Venezuela as a democratic transition

Lucas Koerner of Venezuela Analysis talks about the organization’s work in countering imperialistic propaganda against the Bolivarian Revolution.

Without community media, there is no democracy, proclaim Argentine media workers

People’s media and community media workers protested in Buenos Aires to demand the inclusion of alternative media channels in the national television broadcasting grid.

This is the voice of the people

As Frantz Fanon, who was born in 1925 today wrote, the media of the people has to give them the confidence to act in the world

The Dawn News is now Peoples Dispatch

In this phase, we aim to diversify our coverage to encompass more movements from world over at a time when resistance to capitalism is on the rise