Minimum wage
Dutch protests rising poverty Socialists in the Netherlands accuse government of failing to combat rising poverty

Proposals in the 2024 budget presented by the caretaker government on Prince’s Day have been deemed as inadequate to mitigate the rise in poverty amid a severe cost of living and housing crisis

Community health workers in South Asia forge joint struggle for rights and recognition

Frontline health workers have issued a joint document calling on governments and international agencies to recognize and uphold their essential rights

AMLO’s pro-working class policies are why poverty decreased in Mexico

The sensible policies taken by AMLO’s government are the reason for a significant reduction in poverty—yet mainstream media claims the causes are “unclear”

10-08 Minimum wage - Germany German trade unions slam inadequate raise in minimum wage

The Minimum Wage Commission has agreed to a meager hike in the hourly minimum wage against calls by trade unions for a raise at par with inflation

3-08 Italy Protests Italian left condemns Giorgia Meloni government’s decision to cut social welfare for poor families

The far-right government under Giorgia Meloni has decided to make cuts worth €2.5 billion (US$ 2.71 billion) by overhauling the social security scheme ‘Citizens’ Income.’ Close to 169,000 families will lose their benefits

Thousands of hotel workers strike in Los Angeles

This fourth of July weekend—a major time for the hospitality industry in the US—hotel workers have walked off the job in one of the nation’s most visited cities

Interview - Maurizio Coppola Giorgia Meloni government is a regime of private corporations that is normalizing fascism

Maurizio Coppola from Potere al Popolo (Power to the People) talks about his party’s campaign for a 10 Euro minimum wage, the Giorgia Meloni government’s attack on workers, and the attempt to normalize authoritarianism and fascism

Massive rally of farmers and workers in Indian capital New Delhi

The rally was jointly organized by three of India’s biggest organizations representing workers, farmers, and agricultural laborers

Garment workers wage theft report Pandemic recovery for whom? Global South garment workers face wage theft as companies rake in profits

Garment workers in Asia have lost out on millions of dollars in wages since 2020, even as ‘Big Fashion’ corporations including Nike are raking in mega-profits for their owners and Wall Street, a new report has found. Trade unions have launched the #FightTheHeist campaign to resist this 

Bangladesh garment industry Study throws new light on unfair practices by global fashion brands in Bangladesh

After surveying 1,000 garment factories, the study found that popular fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, and GAP were engaging in “unfair practices,” which affected workers and their livelihoods 

“We are building a union by any means necessary”: cross-sector union launched in the US south

Workers in the Southern United States are banding together to form the Union of Southern Service Workers to fight for higher wages, dignity, and against racism

Daily Round-up | Protests in Belgium over inflation, low wages & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at the protests in Belgium and Brazil over wages and livelihood, a decision by an Australian court on a gas project, and yet another round of appalling hunger numbers