Peruvian Elections 2021
Estados Unidos y su rol en el golpe de Estado en Perú

La medida de Pedro Castillo de disolver el Congreso ante una tercera moción de destitución parece ser el resultado de una campaña de presión con apoyo de EE.UU.

Peruvians continue to resist as anti-coup protests enter second week

Defying the state of emergency, enduring brutal police and military repression, tens of thousands of Peruvians continue on the streets in rejection of the legislative coup against former President Pedro Castillo

The US egged on the coup in Peru

The move by Pedro Castillo to dissolve Congress ahead of a third impeachment motion seems to be the result of a pressure campaign with support from the US

Five killed by police during anti-coup protests in Peru

Enduring brutal police repression, tens of thousands of Peruvians have been protesting in different parts of the country, demanding closure of the Congress, new elections and new constitution through a Constituent Assembly

Peru’s oligarchy overthrows President Castillo

The coup against Pedro Castillo was led by an odious right-wing that refused to accept the people’s aspiration for a progressive project

Peruvian movements and unions mobilize in defense of President Pedro Castillo

Tens of thousands of Peruvians took to the streets in the capital Lima in rejection of a third vacancy motion being promoted against President Pedro Castillo by the right-wing opposition forces

Peruvian president turns to OAS for help amid threat of parliamentary coup

President Pedro Castillo has requested the OAS help his government to defend democracy in the face of a new coup against him, promoted by the prosecutor’s office and the opposition-controlled parliament

Peruvian President in eye of another political storm

The Prosecutor’s office has opened a new investigation against President Pedro Castillo. At the same time, the far-right opposition has announced the presentation of a bill seeking reduction of votes necessary for presidential vacancy

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo leaves Free Peru party

“The decision obeys my responsibility as president of 33 million Peruvians,” the head of state said in a letter

Peruvian President Castillo backed into a corner amid fuel-hike protests

Castillo is facing criticism from left and right sectors and even went back on imposing a curfew in response to the truckers’ strike

Once again, right wing fails to impeach Peruvian President Pedro Castillo

The vacancy motion presented by the opposition party Popular Renewal against leftist President Pedro Castillo failed to gain the votes necessary to oust him

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Today we look at the landmark 2-day general strike by Indian workers; a 2nd failed vacancy motion against Peru’s President Castillo, and more