Police brutality
US police shoot and kill 13-year-old boy

Nyah Mway was harassed, chased down, assaulted, then executed by police in Utica, New York, igniting spontaneous protest

Palestine solidarity protesters attacked by police in Toronto

During a Land Day mobilization in Toronto, protesters were brutally repressed by Canadian police on horseback

A mass grave of hundreds of poor and oppressed people found in Mississippi

The extent of the mass grave became widely known after a Black man was run over by a police vehicle and buried in an unmarked grave, unbeknownst to his family

Palestine solidarity demonstrators block rush hour traffic in NYC

Four major transport arteries were blocked at peak commuter hours, sending a powerful message in support of Palestine

Organizers to converge in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss “What will a new society run by workers look like?”

Despite human rights violations, precarious conditions, wage stagnation, and more, the people of the US continue to dream of a better future

La chispa tras los incendios que arrasan Francia: un brutal legado colonial

El racismo contra las personas de ascendencia árabe y africana en Francia se ha convertido en algo casi banal, algo que ocurre y ya no levanta una ceja. El asesinato de Nael era absolutamente explicable: el resultado de una toxicidad social general hacia las minorías y que se expresa a través de la policía.

Senegal violence A deadly fight: Senegal’s political crisis escalates after repression of protesters

At least 16 people were killed after protests broke out in Senegal following the sentencing of leading opposition figure Ousmane Sonko to two years in prison. Mass public unrest has grown against President Macky Sall and the continued neo-colonial exploitation of the country by France

Arrest of bail fund organizers in Atlanta sets a dangerous precedent, activists say

Three members of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund were arrested by Atlanta Police officers on the morning of Wednesday May 31 and accused of money laundering and charity fraud

No officers charged, once again, in murder of unarmed Black man shot at over 90 times

Akron, Ohio resident Jayland Walker died in June after sustaining 46 gunshot wounds. His crime? A broken taillight

When killer cops evade accountability, victims’ families find other paths towards justice

John Collado Way in Inwood, New York, is named in honor of a victim of police brutality whose family never achieved justice through the legal system

Protesters charged with terrorism in Atlanta

At least 23 people, including a legal observer, have been charged with domestic terrorism as protests against massive police training facility continue

Most “progressive” police force in the US is slammed for response to police killing

Cambridge police shot and killed Arif Sayed Faisal just four days into 2023, and officials are no closer to releasing the names of the officers responsible