Press freedom
Milei launches massive attack on press freedom and shuts down national news agency Télam

The news agency building woke up with its building fenced off and with its website under “reconstruction.” The workers are mobilizing in response

Assange’s last stand

On the first day of Assange’s crucial hearing his defense highlighted the political nature of the US extradition attempt, which is a violation of the UK/US extradition treaty

Australian lawmakers call for Julian Assange’s release ahead of extradition appeal

The motion in parliament, which was supported by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has called for the return of imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to his family in Australia. Assange is days away from a final court hearing in the UK against his extradition to the US.

Journalists in Croatia fight against government’s attempts to stifle press freedom

Media workers staged protests in Zagreb and Split as government looks to criminalize unauthorized leaking of information from criminal proceedings

La asfixia de la democracia en la India

Los ataques contra el medio de comunicación progresista indio NewsClick coincidieron con la suspensión de 141 miembros de la oposición del parlamento indio, lo que constituye un grave ataque a la democracia india.

UK court to hear Assange’s final appeal against extradition in February

In the hearing, two judges will review an earlier decision to reject Assange’s appeal against his extradition to the US

The suffocation of democracy in India

Attacks on the progressive Indian news outlet NewsClick coincided with the suspension of 141 opposition members of Indian parliament, both constituting serious attacks on Indian democracy

Prabir Purkayastha: Fighting the good fight from the Emergency to today

Writers, journalists, students, and activists gathered in India’s capital for a discussion on the memoir of jailed Newsclick founder Prabir Purkayastha, expressing solidarity with him

Media outlets call for an end to Israel’s massacre of Palestinian journalists

During the seven weeks of Israeli bombing of Gaza, Israel has killed a record high number of journalists as well as their families

Israel is assassinating journalists in Gaza

As part of its genocidal onslaught on Gaza, Israel is killing media workers at an unprecedented rate, seemingly to prevent the world from seeing the unspeakable atrocities it carries out.

When the journalists are gone, the stories will disappear.

Over 29 Palestinian journalists have been killed since October 7 in Israeli’s genocidal bombing of the Gaza strip

International uproar following mass raids and arrest of Indian journalists

There has been an outpouring of solidarity following the raid and arrest of journalists in India, who have been targeted as a result of baseless accusations published in the New York Times