Public health
Air pollution is killing millions across the globe, claims State of Global Air report

Pollution is the second leading cause for death and life long health problems among children. In 2021, it killed over 700,000 children

Bangladesh dengue outbreak unmasks weakness of public healthcare system

The number of dengue cases has surged in Bangladesh with the disease’s pattern and severity changing and rural areas bearing the brunt. As public health facilities struggle to cope with the number of cases, patients are facing extreme financial difficulties

Activists in Ghana march to the parliament demanding tax-free periods

The activists have vowed to return to the streets if taxes on menstrual hygiene products are not removed.

Ghana Don't tax my periods Ghanaian activists reject high taxes on menstrual products in struggle to “bleed with dignity”

On June 22, Ghanaian activists will take to the streets for the “Don’t Tax My Period” march which is being organized by the women’s wing of the Socialist Movement of Ghana and allied organizations. The mobilization takes place as anger builds over the heavy taxation of menstrual hygiene products.

Death toll from earthquake may touch 100,000

Dr. Vedat Bulut of Turkish Medical Association talks about how the situation in Turkey worsened because of lack of preparedness from the government’s end.

Colombians hit the streets in support of Petro’s progressive reforms

President Gustavo Petro recalled that millions of people voted for “change” in the 2022 elections, and vowed to implement measures to bring about the essential social changes in favor of the working class majority

WHO funding A replenishment mechanism for WHO?

As the World Health Organization’s Executive Board gets ready to hold its 152nd meeting, the budget and financing of the United Nations health agency remain at the top of the agenda

El bloqueo estadounidense a Cuba perjudica a pacientes médicos de ambos países

El bloqueo a Cuba limita su capacidad para compartir sus avances científicos y tecnológicos con el resto del mundo.

Over 7,000 nurses are on strike in New York City. Here’s why

Nurses, organized by the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) are demanding safe patient-to-staff ratios, fair wages, and to maintain existing healthcare benefits

Healthcare now and then: Why no one wants to be a nurse anymore

In the second and last part of this series, Sopiko Japaridze focuses on the conditions of nurses and other healthcare stuff in recent times.

Healthcare now and then: Soviet Georgia to the present

Japaridze compares and contrasts her experience with the three different healthcare models in Soviet Georgia, present day Georgia, and the US.

What is up with the new Covid variants and how dangerous are they?

Immunologist Dr. Satyajit Rath and NewsClick’s Editor-in-Chief Prabir Purkayastha discuss reports of new COVID-19 variants and what it means for public health authorities across the world